Tempered Glass Partition

Frosted Film is extra charge as per enquiry. All picture for reference only.
Frameless Full Glass Partition Advantage:
  1. Modern Office Look / Corporate look
  2. Easy to Clean
  3. Light Effective
  4. Comfort Working Environment toward More Efficiency & Productivity
  5. GAIN Confident & Productivity From Supplier, Staff & Customer

Glass Type Option (sample as below):
  1. 12mm (t) Safety Tempered Glass
  2. Laminated Glass
  3. Frosted Glass -Privacy Effect
  4. Crystal Glass / Ultra Clear Glass

Tempered Glass Door

One of the many ways you can partition your office space is by using glass. Shelton Office supplies glass as a product to help you in this activity. If you want to achieve that corporate, modern look, you can order your glass partition from them.

There are 2 options when it comes to portioning using glass: frameless full glass or aluminium frame with glass partition. So it is up to you to choose whether you would like to have a frame or not.

Benefits of glass partitioning
  • Gives the premise a corporate and modern look
  • Variety of glass types to choose from
  • Visibility is guaranteed
  • Lower cost than brick walls
  • It is soundproof thus fostering privacy and transparency
  • It is efficient as it saves energy that could be used on lighting
  • Portability and flexibility is assured as glass can be remounted on or demounted to other places for partitioning
  • It is appropriate for elegant and sleek design
  • More friendly communication is promoted than when you use traditional walls
  • It is easy to clean
  • Shelton can do the installation for you

Glass Board

Our service team can help in the installation of the glass white board, which is sure to give the office a modern and sophisticated look. After you have bought your board, just have it installed by experts to get maximum value out of it.
Glass Writting Board:
  • Easy to Clean (Easily wipes clean without staining)
  • Durable, lasting the life of the wall
  • Customizable with branding or logo of choice
  • Laminated Glass
  • Modern Look Office Equipment
  • Bring Great Image to your Office

Glass Table Top

We able to create a variety of complex shapes and unique forms for glass table top.

What makes Shelton glass table tops a valuable investment for your office furniture?
  • Easy maintenance (all you need to clean this glass top is a piece of cloth and a glass cleaner/detergent)
  • Variety in terms of patterns, colours and designs
  • Glass does not degrade as long as you take care of it; this is unlike wooden table tops
  • Easy to keep glass germs-free as it does not absorb spills, thus protects the wooden or steel part of the table from damage
  • It is fashionable
  • It is versatile: The glass goes with any décor, it fits well in any type of building
  • Illuminates the premise making it look warm and inviting
  • Glass always gives a shiny new look when properly maintained

Repair Service

We are providing a Repair & Service Works for all the Office Glass Door / Aluminium Door. Your may call / email us the photo or description, we will analysis and give a quote, upon comfirmation, we will sent our service team to do the repair works instead of changing new door.

Glass Door Floor Springs Service :

When your heavy duty door / glass door / aluminium door happen the situation as below:
  • Door very fast close/ can't control smoothly
  • Your door floor springs might require to service in order to control the door movement to more safety purpose

Step to Request Service:
  • Check the Brand of your Floor Springs (Locate below the glass door rectangular stainless steel shape) Example : VVP / other
  • Call / Email us the Floor Springs Brand Name
  • We will reply a quotation soon.
  • Email / Fax us after Chop & Sign the quotation ( together brand & address & contact person ) upon comfirmation
  • We will sent our SERVICE TEAM in 3 workings days.